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Thekkady Tour Package


A visit of Thekkady, which is tucked away in Kerala, India's Western Ghats, promises an immersive experience with the natural world, spice-scented plantations, and a wealth of cultural traditions. Thekkady attracts tourists looking for adventure, peace, and a close relationship with nature because of its immaculate woods, wide variety of species, and breathtaking scenery.

Rich Greenery & Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Thekkady is well-known for its expansive, over 900 square kilometer Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The stunning Periyar Lake, a man-made reservoir that provides the wildlife with a constant supply of water, lies at the heart of the sanctuary. A peaceful boat ride on the lake takes you through thick forests where you can see herds of bison, elephants, deer, and other birds that come to drink at the water's edge.

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